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Every year, more and more people of all ages are falling sick, either due to a disease or a pre-existing condition. Vaccination is a proven method of preventive care as they are known to produce antibodies to fight various diseases. However, it is essential that you have the support of medical experts who can guide you along the way.

What are Vaccines?

A vaccine is a biological preparation that helps improve immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine usually contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is mostly made from the weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins or any of its surface proteins. The agent is one that stimulates the body’s immune system to recognise the agent as foreign and destroy it. The agent also needs to remember the foreign agent so that the immune system can identify it more easily and destroy any of the microorganisms that it encounters later.

Why are Vaccines important?

During the past years, vaccinations in India have saved more than a billion lives and prevented countless people from falling prey to a wide range of illnesses and disabilities. However, vaccine-preventable diseases such as mumps, measles, and whooping cough are still a threat. They continue affecting children, thus, resulting in hospitalisations and deaths each year. Immunisations are important for two main reasons. First, to protect yourself and second, to protect those around you. Vaccines are one of the best ways to prevent diseases.

What are the benefits of Vaccines?

While the benefits of immunisation are invisible, the idea is that you or your child will not become ill with any disease. Sometimes, it may be tempting to say ‘NO’ to immunisation. However, this puts health at risk of catching some severe or fatal diseases. In reality, taking a vaccination is better and safer than not taking one. Vaccination may not be 100% effective, but it is the best defence against epidemics that kill or disable millions of people.

What are the different Vaccinations for children and adults?

Appropriate age-related vaccines are formulated for both children and adults at various stages of their life, to prevent them from contracting certain diseases and health issues. Mentioned below are some vaccines that are essential for children, young adolescents and adults.

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