Health issues are steadily rising in both, rural and urban population, due to various factors. Detecting a health problem at an early stage is vital. One of the best approaches to keep track of your health is to visit a diagnostic centre and undergo screening tests. At Apollo Clinic, we offer a range of imaging, cardiology, laboratory and diagnostic services that assist in detecting the nature, cause and stage of a health issue. We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic services to cater to patients of all age groups, right from young children to the elderly.

At Apollo Clinic, we understand that correct diagnosis for a disease or health issue is crucial in treatment and the results of diagnostic tests are the cornerstone for an effective treatment plan. To this end, we offer an extensive range of services including.

Imaging Services
2D Echo - A 2D echo produces an image of the heart using sound waves.
Ultrasound with Color Doppler - This test helps in detecting the velocity and the direction of the blood flow in the vessels and heart chambers.
Chest X-ray - This test helps in detecting bone problems in areas within the chest such as upper spine part, clavicle and ribs.
Sonomammography - Also known as breast ultrasound, sonomammography is a non-invasive procedure performed to evaluate the breasts and the blood flow to areas in it.
Cardiology Services

Electrocardiogram (ECG) - An ECG or Electrocardiogram is a test that examines the electrical activity of your heart.
Treadmill Test (TMT) - A TMT or cardiac stress test helps determine how far your heart can go before an abnormal rhythm or blood flow to the heart muscle drops. It helps your doctor know how your heart responds on being pushed.
Diagnostic Services

Genetic Tests - Genetic tests, also known as DNA testing or genetic screening, are tests that are performed on blood and other tissues to detect any genetic disorders or diseases.
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) / Lung Function Test - This test is conducted to identify the quality of air your lungs can hold. It also evaluates how lungs help in adding oxygen to the blood and getting rid of carbon dioxide.
Laboratory Services
Haematology - Haematology consists of various blood tests such as complete blood count (CBC).
Radiology - Radiology is the examination of a part of the body for exact diagnosis. This is done via X-rays. This tool is effectively used for evaluating broken bones, digestive tract and thoracic cavity including heart and lungs.
Microbiology - This is used in diagnosing and treating microbial diseases like digestive system disease, meningitis, respiratory tract disease and even wound infections.
Biochemistry - This refers to tests carried out on urine and blood such as blood sugar, lipid profile, liver function test and kidney function tests.

At Apollo Clinic, we follow stringent policies and procedures to ensure that the results of diagnostic tests are accurate. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to minimise the discomfort of testing procedures. All our doctors, technicians, nurses and support staff are specially trained to provide best-in-class care with empathy.